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Why you should no longer have a wooden garage door

Modern garage doors are magnificent creatures–  Wait a minute. . .  They’re not creatures at all.  They’re magnificent marvels of modern engineering, and they do a fantastic job at what they do.  They’ve come a long way since their inception and widespread adoption, which means quite a few different things for you:  Newer components, better technology, and newer materials.

Of course, for those that have been clinging on to their old garage doors for whatever reason (maybe they’re sentimental), they’re living with what is likely a wooden garage door that is a nightmare for most homeowners on many levels.  Allow us to help you understand why you should no longer have a wooden garage door:

  1. Termites and other pests.  This seems pretty obvious, but most people don’t realize that wood-boring pests are a serious issue for wooden garage doors; of course, these sorts of things aren’t issues when you consider that a more modern garage door is going to be made of sturdier materials that these pests can’t eat–   Reason #1 to upgrade your garage door.
  2. Weatherproofing.  Wooden garage doors just don’t stand up against the other styles when it comes to weatherproofing and standing up the elements.  Rather than have a garage door that is deteriorating, why not have a garage door resistant to deterioration?
  3. Less strain on your opener.  Wooden garage doors are heavy, and can be even heavier when they absorb moisture from the atmosphere / weather.  All of this means a lot of unnecessary strain on your poor garage door opener, which is not going to handle it well in the long run.  This isn’t an issue when you have a modern garage door made of space age materials.
  4. More value for your home.  Let’s face it:  Wooden garage doors look old, and they make your home look old.  Why not replace that ratty old door with a brand new one to make your home pop?

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