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Seattle Garage Doors | Should You Invest In A Residential Garage Car Lift?

If you’re someone who works on cars professionally or as a hobby from your home garage, you know there’s no workout more brutal than a day spent on your back beneath an automobile’s undercarriage. The constant strain on your lower back, neck, and shoulders from hours of twisting and reaching, groping, lifting, and straining for tools will take a toll before very long. And besides the punishment you’re inflicting daily on your body, there’s also all the time you spend jacking the car and ensuring that the car is jacked safely. It’s no wonder you’ve been putting off those repairs for weeks. It’s time to acknowledge that there’s an easier, better, more convenient option available. It’s time to invest in a residential garage car lift system.
Garage car lifts come in a range of styles and configurations, from a variety of manufacturers, with a range of model choices that is now the most diverse it’s ever been. The prices for garage car lifts are also quite reasonable now, and installation is also relatively easy. Knowing which garage car lift will be right for you depends on assessing the space you have and the nature of the projects you hope to complete with it.
With so many garage car lift manufacturers, lift types, and lift models to choose from, it can be difficult to know how to start the buying process. In the US, garage car lifts are made by around 60 companies, but the range of products on offer is vast. A simple electric scissor jack lift costs around $1,000, for example, but you could also opt to pay $10,000 for an in-ground hydraulic lift, the kind you normally see in professional auto-repair shops. Whether you’re seriously into cars or an every-once-in-a-while dabbler should have great influence on how much of an investment you make.

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