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Seattle Garage Doors | How to Keep Your Garage Clutter Free

Garages are notorious for being the most cluttered area of the house. Because it is not a primary living space, it is easy to stick stuff in the garage with the intent of putting it away later and then not doing it. Over time this clutter builds up making the garage a disaster area.
To keep your garage clutter free, follow these three rules: get rid of the unnecessary stuff, make a place for everything, schedule time to pick it up.

Get Rid of the Unnecessary Stuff

If your garage has out-of-control clutter than it is going to take some time to go through everything in the garage. As you are going through the stuff in your garage, the first step is to get rid of the stuff that you don’t need, use, or want.
At this point in decluttering your garage it is important to be ruthless in your decisions to get rid of items. If it is something that you have not used in the past 6 to 12 months, consider parting ways with it.

A Place for Everything

After you have gone through your stuff, it is time to find a place for the items you are keeping. Adding shelving to the garage to put things, installing hooks to hang big things like bikes, and peg board with hooks and shelves are great tools for organizing the items in your garage.

Schedule Time to Pick Up

Once you have gone through and gotten rid of the clutter and given everything a place, it is a matter of maintaining the clutter free environment. To do this make sure that when you have finished using something you put it back where you got it. Also, you will want to schedule time in your garage on a weekly basis to pick up and tidy to make sure that new items that are added to the garage have a place. By taking some time to purge and organize the items in your garage and maintaining that organization once you have it will work wonders in clearing the clutter and keeping it gone for years to come.

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