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You’ll probably notice that your garage gets very warm during the summer months, maybe even uncomfortably hot. Outside temperatures rise as the day goes on, often peaking in mid to late afternoon. During the time, the direct rays of the sun will heat up whatever they fall upon, especially if your garage is western facing. Living with a too-hot garage can be unbearable. Luckily, there are ways to keep your hot garage cool in the summer months.
Picking the right solution for your too-hot garage requires knowing the various sources of the problem. In the summertime the sun is only adding to the heat that tends to collect in garages year round. For example, any cars parked in the garage will radiate heat, even if they were only driven for 10 or 15 minutes (especially true in summer). The car’s mechanical parks will send heat waves into the space for hours after you’ve parked it.┬áCombined with the sun’s summer rays, and an insulated door if you have one, a hot car will have your garage feeling like an oven in no time. This kind of low level infrared heat might even be detectable the next day!
The solution to this heat wave inside your garage is simple: To cool off your garage as efficiently as possible, invest in powerful fan or two. Sidewall ventilation fans are designed to coax hot air out of the stuffy room and expel it outside, not just move hot air around. There are a variety of fans on the market that function this way. To find one that is most likely to get the job done, look for a ventilation system that can displace thousands of cubic feet of air per minute. Some brief web surfing should yield plenty of results. Not sure which fan will best at beating the heat? Use price as a guide. The best made, most efficient fans will always cost more. You should buy the most fan you can for your particular budget.

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