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Seattle Garage Doors | Garage Door Windows: PRO or CON?

Have you been contemplating whether or not to add windows to your garage door? If so there are few pros and con’s to keep in mind when making a final decision.

Garage Door Windows

You must consider what purpose you want the window inserts to serve in your space, decorative or functional. Inserts can change the plain old look of your garage door by adding an extra element of decoration. They also brighten up the garage with natural light. People who use their garage as a playroom or workspace usually chose a functional window insert.


One way to spruce up an old, dreary garage door is to add windows or window inserts, if it’s a panel garage door. Garage door windows allow for natural light to enter the room, which can help save money on the electric bill. Windows also enhance the curb appeal of the entire home.

There are different types of window glasses that can be used such as plexiglass, obscure glass, plain glass, translucent glass designs, and insulated glass that regulates the temperature in the garage.

Decorative window inserts make your garage door look more fancy and are a quick and inexpensive face-lift for a garage door, saving you money on having to buy a whole new door.


Windows may also be a potential security risk. If you can see out, then someone can see in. If you have expensive equipment and belonging in your garage you may want to think abut using frosted or stained glass windows, which will give you privacy and make it harder for thieves to look in. Windows and inserts need to be secure and professionally installed to prevent burglars from trying to break in.

Garage Door Window Safety

Over time, sun damage can affect the inserts, causing them to warp or even change color. Therefore, replacement time and expenses would have to be addressed that may end up costing you more in the long run. Also, having garage door windows can cause your energy bill to increase; as glass is not very good heat insulators because glass surfaces lose heat energy more quickly then insulated metal or wood. Often these garage door windows are above normal height to be functional the same way most windows are. Instead they are a decorative feature. So opening them up for fresh air is not likely.  The location of the home is also something to be considered when thinking of buying windows for the garage or not.  Someone living in a cooler climate that wants to allow natural light into their garage can use insulated glass window inserts. Where as a home in a warmer climate may be sufficient with clear glass inserts, which still lets the light in.

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