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When most people think of their garage, they think of where they keep their car.  Others think of their storage unit that just happens to be attached to their home, and is unbelievably convenient to get to.

Garage Door Storage

Others don’t know what to do. . .  But here we’ll explore a few different ideas for things that you can do for your garage door, starting with the most obvious, and moving on to the more creative:

  1. Strictly car storage–  The most classic purpose of your garage, this is where you store cars in your garage (duh).  This is kind of the default option.
  2. Storage space–  For those that have a lot of stuff they need to put in storage, the garage can work wonderfully as a storage unit.  There are many ways to store items, such as stacked boxes, and even overhead storage options.
  3. Guest house–  If your garage is properly insulated, you always have the option of turning your garage into a sort of guest house; or if not a guest house, at least another bedroom for your family or friends.  If your garage isn’t properly insulated, you should seriously consider insulating it, not just for this option in a garage conversion, but also because it has a dramatic effect on other aspects of your home. We’ve written about this in the past.
  4. Recreational Room–  This option is a bit more creative, and is a favorite among many men that enjoy hobbies, or don’t have an area of the home devoted to them.  This is a great place for a pool table, pinball machines, and other things. . .  What we’re talking about is the sort of “man cave” that many men wish they could have.  In my man cave, I have a pretty awesome lineup of 90s Williams and Bally pinball machines, with a Gottlieb as well (Surf ‘n Safari).

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