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Seattle Garage Doors – (800) 347 – 0182 – What are the risks of not having a garage door on your garage?

Many people say that a home that has a garage but no garage door can rightly be called a home. It’s like a house without a door, because garage door acts as the largest door that could be installed to your home.

When we say garage, we normally think of the garage also having a garage door. But what if you have a garage and you don’t have a garage door installed, do you consider this as safe? People who have garage normally install a garage door on their garage, for what? Do you ever wonder what could have happen if ever you don’t have a garage door on your garage?
For example, if you don’t have a garage door installed onto your garage, your family members might be at risk for people wanting to break inside your house, specifically burglars which are very dangerous especially during nighttime. Also, if you have any child member to your family they might be at risk to encounter wild animals in your garage. And if you have luxury cars or any other important things stored to your garage they could simply be stolen by anyone who passes by your home. During extreme weather, you are at risk to get hit easily by outside elements.

I’m not saying that everyone needs to have a garage door; after all we all have our own preferences. I’m just saying that if you have a garage, just try to consider the things that could possibly happen if you don’t have a garage door, especially when your family members safety is at stake.

Seattle Garage Doors – (800) 347 – 0182 – Differences between Wood Garage Doors and Aluminum Garage Doors

Perhaps your garage door is already worn-out, with paint falling off, impossible to lift, and sagging – literally falling apart. If that’s the case, it could be the right time to replace your garage door. They do not just make your home secure, safe, and provide easier access to your garage, but garage doors are also a big factor in the overall look of your property. These garage doors can be made from various elements – wood, steel, aluminum or fiberglass. Although each has their different benefit, the most common ones are steel and wood. Let’s take a closer look, and talk about the details of these 2 types of garage doors.

Steel garage doors are technically sturdier and more dependable compared to wood doors. With the modern technology that we have, steel doors can be embossed with patterns such as wood grains, to make it look like wood, when desired. But the maintenance will be lesser with the steel ones, as compared to real wood. These doors will not crack, warp, lose luster in the lamination, or fall apart because of different weather exposure. Moreover, due to high quality steel components, rusting is not a possibility. Also, repainting is not that often because of vinyl finish or polyester cladding. But the downside with steel garage doors could be that dents can be tough to repair.

On the other hand, wood garage doors are preferred because it exudes a natural appearance; it is affordable, and easier to repair. It is very easy to build compared to a steel door because it can be built right inside the garage using thick plywood and  framing. Sidings can also be covered to match the design and color of the entire house. These doors can be made up of solid wood such as cedar or redwood, softwood like mahogany or oak, or any hardwood panels.  Wood garage doors are also durable and dependable and can last up to many years. But a disadvantage to consider would be the fact that wood doors have higher maintenance requirements due to fading of the painting, rusting, and others.

Seattle Garage Doors – (800) 347 – 0182 – Repairing Your Overhead Garage Door

Bringing down and raising a huge overhead garage door is usually simple due to built-in mechanized components: counterbalance springs, hinges and rollers. However, as time passes, the work could become really challenging as a result of disregard of basic upkeep, or due to the fact that some pieces are out of alignment, worn out or busted. It doesn’t always take a lot of time and usually a few simple tools are necessary to do some garage door repairs and to return its tip-top form all over again.

Probably the most common cause of a garage doors moving sluggishly can be deficiency of lubrication which can be associated with the accumulation of grease and dirt within the side roller bearings. Yet another probable origin of friction could be due to grime – rusty and jammed roller shafts which stops the roller hinge on each side of the garage door from flowing without restraint when the doorway goes through the tracks.

To repair this situation, soaking the pulleys or hinges with oil is useful, in addition to it, oiling the rollers and also the interior of the door tracks help keep the car port door working without any trouble. Having said that, oil paths always like to collect dirt, thus avoid overdoing the lubrication. You can avoid over lubricating by applying just thin film of lightweight oil in the wheels and often clean up the paths using a dampened towel. Seriously ignored garage door units might require removal to complete an intensive job of oiling and also cleansing. If you need to do such, make sure you remove just one roller assemblage each time and put it back prior to removing another.

Repairing or cleaning your overhead garage door can be a very daunting task, calling in a professional always makes it safer and faster for you.

Seattle Garage Doors – (800) 347 – 0182 – Most common garge door parts that need repair

Garage doors contain parts that are most likely going  to require maintenance and repair. There are a lot of varied parts that are used in these types of structures. The following are the ones which will possibly need to be repaired or maintained.

Drums – Considered to be the moving parts of garage doors that can have a very high possibility being damaged first. Drums operates by rolling the cables when the door is being opened and closed. These usually get stuck if some hard pieces of wood, steel or metal get trapped in them. Nevertheless, these drums are usually sturdy. If they do need repair, the new ones should last you a long while.

Cables – garage door cables have a high tendency to become worn away since they put up the main force of the weight load when the entrance way is opening or closing.

Springs – There are 2 basic sorts of spring utilized for car garage entries. First is extension, and the second type is  the torsion spring. They are usually used in a single door port entries. The 2 types of springs may hold a variety of workloads. This workload load will govern how big and how long the spring should be. These parts usually need habitual maintenance since they are constantly moved when garage doors are opened or closed. Although, they aren’t as highly-priced as the drums and cables.

Hinges – Almost all people utilize a garage entry that has hinges. The hinges are almost always utilized for closing and opening the units. As they are connected to the structures of the house, it can be easy to look over the hinges while doing maintenance repairs on the carport entries. Make sure to keep the garage door hinges lubricated to keep them working well.

Note: It’s always a better idea to ask advice from a licensed handyman or a skilled technician when the garage doors don’t operate appropriately, most especially when you have no idea on how to go about repairs or maintenance no matter how minimal it can possibly be.

Seattle Garage Doors – (800) 347 – 0182 – How to cold proof your Garage Door

The cold weather offers unique challenges for any homeowner.  Nothing seems to work quite right in the cold, and the weather is really drab.

Luckily, we don’t have to deal with extreme climates or weather;  If snow was a normal occurrence, we would have many more issues to deal with when it comes to your garage door.  However, the cold winters that Seattle bring every year are capable enough on their own to wreak havoc on your garage door.  Here are a few helpful tips to help keep your garage door operating like it’s brand new.

First is something that you should do year round regardless of the weather.  Make sure that all of the moving parts on your garage door are properly lubricated.  All of the rollers and hinges should be heavily lubricated, and you can’t forget to lubricate the individual garage door sections to ensure they don’t stick together.  Door sections that don’t move freely can seriously damage, if not destroy both your garage door opener, and your garage door itself.  Of course, the cold weather should not be your only inspiration to lubricate all of the moving parts on your garage door.  You should do this year round as part of your monthly maintenance, something that we can definitely do for you.

Inspect the track for objects in the way of moving parts.  This is an obvious one, but you wouldn’t believe how many people have broken hinges, garage door springs, and other parts by not efficiently packing items in their garage.  All it take is one item in the way without your garage door’s reverse system working well for your garage door to break.

Now the last thing to do is is to use the garage door on a daily basis.  Even if you don’t go anywhere, open and close your garage door–  It’s kind of like getting up and walking around if you’re incredibly sedentary.  You’ve got to keep your joints moving and read to go, otherwise they’ll get stiff and your legs won’t operate properly.  Not unlike an old car that should be run once a week, you need to open and close your garage door to keep the legs of your garage door opener nice and limber.

And that’s it.  If you follow those easy steps, your garage door will last, even during the winter.

Seattle Garage Doors – (800) 347 – 0182 – How your Garage Door becomes a risk

You may not think of your garage door as a serious safety risk–  We’re fairly certain that you don’t think of your garage door as some sort of medieval torture device, either, but it can easily become a serious hazard to you and your family.

Your garage door is the largest moving part on your home.  An uninsulated garage door weighs at least 150 pounds, and uses a very complex system of taut springs, cables, motors, and other parts to open and close.  With that much force opening and closing, it is imperative that you ensure your garage door never falls into disrepair, nor does it ever stop properly functioning.  Think about it–  With your children running around in the yard on a lazy Seattle afternoon, should you really have to worry about whether or not they will get trapped by the 16′ X 7′, 150 pound overhead garage door.  Your garage door should never become a risk, which is Seattle Garage Doors offers a myriad of services to help keep your garage door from being accused of manslaughter.

To start, Seattle Garage Doors can perform force and reverse safety tests.  This will ensure that a small amount of force will keep the garage door from closing on an object, whether it be something stored in the garage or a person.  In addition, the test will ensure that your garage door will also reverse quickly and efficiently to keep the object further from harm’s way.

Seattle Garage Doors can also perform emergency release repairs and maintenance.  During a blackout, your garage door will not work without power to operate the garage door opener.  Luckily, the springs and cables can also be operated manually, so you can operate your garage door even when the power is out.  Just like other garage door parts, though, your emergency release can also fall into disrepair, which could leave you trapped in or out of your home during a blackout, which could potentially be an emergency situation.  This is why Seattle Garage Doors recommends regular inspection and maintenance of your garage door emergency release system.

What about when your garage door is a hazard to the contents of your home, or even who’s home alone?  Leaving your garage door open and forgetting about it can leave your home vulnerable to burglars and vagrants.  This is why Seattle Garage Doors can install an open indication monitor, which will alert you of the status of your garage door so that you never create a target out of your home.

Call Seattle Garage Doors today, and help make your garage door a wonderful addition to your home, rather than a risk. (800) 347 – 0182

Seattle Garage Doors – (800) 347 – 0182 – Amarr Garage Doors

Today I would like to discuss Amarr Garage Doors.  There are many different manufacturers of garage doors and they all have their pros and cons, so keep that in mind.

Amarr is a highly recommend brand of garage door and can usually be found in Lowe’s, Sears, and Costco, and other popular stores. It is a highly trusted brand that has been around since 1951, so you know you can trust their products.

Amarr has a wide variety of doors to choose from.  Whatever style of material you would like your garage door to be, Amarr will most likely have it.

Biggest thing I have seen about this door is that you pay for what you get.  Make sure to get the mid to higher end garage door, otherwise, you will not be getting the best garage door.

For more info on Amarr garage doors go here:

Stay tuned for our opinion on the other garage door manufacturers!

Seattle Garage Doors – (800) 347 – 0182 – Residential vs. Commercial Garage Doors

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a residential garage door and a commercial garage door?  Here we will discuss some of those differences.

The first difference between a residential garage door and a commercial garage door is the use. A residential garage door is usually more based on aesthetics.  A residential garage door is meant to keep your car and house safe while also compliment the appearance of your home.  A commercial garage door is used more for industrial purposes and they usually have less options as far as appearance.

The second main difference between the two types of garage doors is durability.  Of course even with a residential garage door you want something durable, but it doesn’t get near the amount of use that a commercial garage door does.  Some commercial garage doors are opened and closed multiple times throughout the day.

There are many more differences, but these are the two biggest ones.


Seattle Garage Doors – (800) 347 – 0182 – What to Excpect with a Garage Door Installation

When getting a new garage door installed you may be wondering how long it will take. You might be worried that you will have to spend an entire day waiting at home while they install the door.  Luckily, if you are using a professional company you will not have to wait more than 3 hours for the entire job to be completed.

The size and type of garage door you have will dictate how long the installation will be, but it will range from 1-3 hours. The bigger your door the longer it may take.  It will also depend if it is a commercial or residential door.

It is always best to use a professional service for a garage door installation, doing it yourself can be very dangerous, even potentially fatal.

If you need a new garage door installed, you can have it done early in the morning and continue on with your plans as regular.

Seattle Garage Doors – (800) 347 – 0182 – Press Release to Announce new Branch and Website!

SEATTLE, WA, May 14, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ — Seattle Garage Doors has just opened a branch in Redmond. They are happy to finally have a location to help all the wonderful residents in Redmond…

To read the entire press release go here:

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