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Your garage door can be a very serious hazard on your home if you don’t properly maintain it, and get it tested.  How do you test a garage door?  It’s quite simple, really.  You can call a garage door repair company to come out and perform force and reverse safety tests, which effectively make sure that your garage door will not close on you, your pets, or your children.  The test ensures that as soon as a small amount of resistance is applied to a closing garage door that it will open and not destroy whatever is in it’s path.  Have you had your garage door tested lately?

Seattle Garage Doors | (800) 347 – 0182 | Jackshaft Garage Door Openers

How many of you are familiar with a jackshaft garage door opener?  Probably not many.  As a matter of fact, most people aren’t aware that this is even an option for garage door openers, but they are, and are very necessary in some circumstances.

First, let’s understand what exactly a jackshaft garage door opener does.  It is a garage door opener that is mounted on the side of the garage, rather than overhead, that uses a complex system to open and close the garage door form this location.  So what is the purpose of having one of these?  Let’s say you live in a condo that has a very short garage door. . .  Having a conventional overhead garage door opener is going to severely limit the space for your car, unless you’re driving a Ford GT.  The solution?  A Jackshaft Garage Door Opener, which gives you more overhead clearance.  This can also work for garages that aren’t necessarily short, but instead, you have a very tall car.

Seattle Garage Doors has technicians that are well versed in jackshaft garage door openers.  Give us a call today and ask!  (800) 347 – 0182.

Seattle Garage Doors – (800) 347 – 0182 – Choose the material you want for your garage door


Strong yet light, aluminum is a great material to be made as a garage door. It adds a contemporary twist to your curb appeal. This material does not crack nor fade and it also offers good insulation. This material is budget friendly too. But as we know it, aluminum is easily dented so it is not a good choice if your garage is prone to bumps and activity.


Vinyl is another material that is good for a garage door. It will not dent, rust, peel or crack. Some manufacturers offer a warranty too and vinyl garage doors last for many years which makes it an excellent option for low to middle range houses. Vinyl garage doors will require washing on occasion.


Garage doors made of wood are the usual choice of some people. This is because of the natural beauty it creates which is very good in complimenting the style of the house. This type of material requires more maintenance though.


If you want high security then a garage door made of steel is the choice. Steel is strong and it does not crack nor does it decay but one disadvantage is the rust and it can also be dented.

Seattle Garage Doors – (800) 347 – 0182 – Automatic garage door openers

Automatic garage door openers are now widely used because of the convenience, security and safety they provide.

Screw driven

-garage doors that are screw driven creates less noise compared to chain driven garage door openers. Another good thing about screw driven garage doors is that they need the least amount of maintenance. This type of garage door is labeled as the strongest and fastest of all types.

Chain driven

-this type of garage door opener is the least expensive and is commonly used on most households. Although economical, this type of garage door is very noisy plus it requires a lot of maintenance.

Belt driven

-belt driven garage doors are the most quiet type of garage door openers; it requires a much bigger budget though.

These three types have satisfyingly good safety features. They have an infrared safety beam that if damaged or broken, will lead to the automatic reverse of the garage door opener.

Seattle Garage Doors – (800) 347 – 0182 – A Reliable Garage Door Company for You

As time passes, you will probably find that certain parts of your home will encounter a few problems. Consider for example how your garage door gets worse and worse each time you make use of it. It’s also practical for the various parts of your garage to end up being wrecked as a result of regular use. Just about the most common issues that can happen to you is that you will discover your garage door breaks. Sure, indeed, it’s a significant thing that you should manage it at the earliest opportunity. This is because your garage doors & opener take up an important part in making certain that the cars and the items that you store inside your garage could be secured and safe.

What exactly is it that you’ve got in your thoughts if you find that you garage door is broken or developing some problems? The good thing to do is to ensure that you get suitable service to handle your garage door repair. By hiring a professional garage door company you can ensure your garage door will be fixed right the first time.

Seattle Garage Doors – (800) 347 – 0182 – Behind Garage Doors

You probably have heard and seen “Storage Wars”. It is a reality-based show that premiered on 2012, featuring 4 professional buyers with their teams scour over repossessed storage units and look out for hidden treasures. These buyers will gamble and risk their money on storage’s that can possibly contain incredible items or colossal junks.

Usually, garage doors are not featured in the entertainment industry, but when they are, they certainly create good impressions. The garage doors are important parts of the show, and they exude a mysterious feel of the entire show, and have definitely created a good impact and at the moment, the show has gained a lot of following.

And since the show is a reality show, the scenes happen all over the country, including states like Kansas City, and even Texas. Ultimately, a lot of important stuff is contained in these storage’s and you yourself could possibly have a lot of items on your garage. We at Seattle Garage Doors are available to help you with any of your garage door and needs from installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance. Call us now or check out our website for more information.

Seattle Garage Doors – (800) 347 – 0182 – Various Garage Door Repair Problems Encountered

The Garage Door Does Not Operate Well

 One of the most common problems of a garage door is connected to power. Others just simply fail to operate well anymore. In time, garage doors may experience troubles of not closing up fully. It could have problems with the switch adjustment which only the expert mechanics or technicians can handle.

Power Failures

 When the motor becomes insufficient, then the mechanics of the entire system will surely be affected. Power failures are connected to repair needs of either the circuit breakers or even its fuse. It is common to find garage doors plugged with a GFCI. And once this part fails to work, then it could hinder the entire garage door from working.

Other Motor Problems

It happens sometimes that you will notice your garage door’s movement working normally but the motor already failing. This means that the system might not receive enough power supply and a blown out motor can be dangerous to your home. Such a scenario needs immediate motor replacement.

Seattle Garage Doors – (800) 347 – 0182 – Remember to Clean Your Garage Door

One of the easiest things you can to keep your garage door in proper functioning order is to clean it frequently. It is best to clean out the tracks from all the buildup that can collect over time. You should also spend some time testing the door to make sure it works right. You can save yourself a lot of stress if you lubricate the springs and hinges on the garage door throughout the year.

Most manufacturers recommend that you do regular maintenance on the garage door at least 4 times a year. If you need help with any maintenance feel free to call Seattle Garage Doors.

Seattle Garage Doors – (800) 347 – 0182 – How to Make Your Garage Door Noise-Free

The garage door is a vital component of a property and especially now, in modern times, the garage door can possibly be placed just beside or even within the living area. Most homes today have very compact designs and so are the garage areas. Most families make their garage as compact as it can be so that their living room can be given more space.

When you have your garage close to your family room, you should make sure that it’s as quiet as it can be when it’s moving so as not to disturb you, your family and possibly, your visitors. There are actually a number or things that will affect the functioning of your garage door, and if an issue isn’t quickly taken care of it can cause faulty functioning that leads to noisy opening and closing of your door. When it becomes noisy, it can be quite annoying especially if you have to endure with it on a day-to-day basis. Usually, the noise will come from rough and drying components that lead to friction and rubbing of the machines together. You can most certainly make your door as noiseless as it can by doing some simple things. Ultimately, regular and up to date maintenance is the best solution in keeping it fully functional without the unnecessary noise.

You will find that there are a lot of professional garage door companies that will help your garage door repair and maintenance. Although, there are certain things you can do by yourself if you think you are capable. For instance, when the garage door becomes noisy, you will find it beneficial to add some lubrication to it, and this task can be really easy on your part. You simply need to locate the main box and find all the moving parts, put some lubricant on them by using a brush, and viola, your garage door will be noise-free.

There are professional garage door repair companies that can help you keep your garage door silent. Also, you can check out the instruction manual of your garage door should there be any provided with it. The manufacturers’ manual can provide you with very useful information. You must keep in mind of the things noted in the manual so that you will be able to rectify any common troubles you may have with your garage door, just like the occurrence of any unusual sounds.

Seattle Garage Doors – (800) 347 – 0182 – Seattle is the best!

We may be partial, but we think Seattle is the best place possible to live and work. The people of Seattle are hardworking and friendly. We know that we are always working with good people when we work on garage doors for the residents of Seattle.

We have been so blessed to call Seattle our home for so many years.  When we opened shop here in 1983 we could never have imagined how great it would turn out.  Seattle and its people made us feel welcome, and that is still the case today.

We love serving the people of Seattle.

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