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Seattle Garage Doors | Maintaining Your Garage Door

Maintaining your garage door/s and keeping it running smoothly could save you a whole lot of money.  Yes, a pretty good amount of your hard earned cash that you could have been spending on a vacation with your loved ones. Not many people know how much it is to repair or replace a garage door, especially new homeowners. Paying for service fees, labor, and parts varies on how badly your garage door needs service. It’s not cheap! So people, lets start by doing some basic and very simple maintenance. First, Check your wires, cables, and springs for damages. Apply lubrication on the bolts, springs, and other lubrication-required areas. Remove objects away from the sensors and last but not the least, check the door balance. Doing this at least once or twice a month could help you avoid the unnecessary troubles and cost on your garage door, so why not?

Seattle Garage Doors | Does Insulation help in all climates?

Most people have their garage door properly insulated for the cold winters, but what about for warmer weather–  Is your garage door insulated for that too?  Does it even help with that?

The answer is, it should be, and yes.

If your garage door is already well insulated, then by default, you have it covered year round, no matter the client.  It’s important to have it covered for warmer weather too, since the warm weather can easily heat your garage, which in turn can heat the items in your garage (or those connected to it, like your home).

Keeping your garage door insulated has a profound effect on many different things–  Not just the temperature inside your garage!  Think about it–  If your garage door is warming your house, then cooling costs will go up!

Make sure you’re covered all year!

Seattle Garage Doors | Adding Vertical Clearance

Have you ever walked out into your garage and thought that you could really benefit from having more vertical space?  I know this is kind of a weird question, but there are those that have this desire.  Whether it’s because they want to buy some sort of 4×4 rig, or it’s because their stack of comic book long boxes is getting high, there are those who need more space to build up.

Enter the jackshaft opener, which is a brilliant way to save space since the opener mounts on the side of the garage rather than to the ceiling (or a sort of rafter system).  This makes it so you can build up, or store up, if you need to, while still having the convenience of a garage door opener!

Besides, it’s the year 2014.  A garage door opener should be in every home by now.

Seattle Garage Doors | The Case for Same Day Service

A lot of customers are shocked when we tell them that we will be there right away–  Most say that when they deal with garage door companies, the company wants to schedule a time for weeks later to take care of the repair.

Here, we have a different idea:



We like to make you the priority, and part of that is prioritizing your time.  Only allowing you to schedule for days later is absurd, and is not respectful of you and your busy schedule.  That’s why 99.9% of the time, we offer same day service too anyone who calls Seattle Garage Doors!

Seattle Garage Doors | How to Keep Your Garage Clutter Free

Garages are notorious for being the most cluttered area of the house. Because it is not a primary living space, it is easy to stick stuff in the garage with the intent of putting it away later and then not doing it. Over time this clutter builds up making the garage a disaster area.
To keep your garage clutter free, follow these three rules: get rid of the unnecessary stuff, make a place for everything, schedule time to pick it up.

Get Rid of the Unnecessary Stuff

If your garage has out-of-control clutter than it is going to take some time to go through everything in the garage. As you are going through the stuff in your garage, the first step is to get rid of the stuff that you don’t need, use, or want.
At this point in decluttering your garage it is important to be ruthless in your decisions to get rid of items. If it is something that you have not used in the past 6 to 12 months, consider parting ways with it.

A Place for Everything

After you have gone through your stuff, it is time to find a place for the items you are keeping. Adding shelving to the garage to put things, installing hooks to hang big things like bikes, and peg board with hooks and shelves are great tools for organizing the items in your garage.

Schedule Time to Pick Up

Once you have gone through and gotten rid of the clutter and given everything a place, it is a matter of maintaining the clutter free environment. To do this make sure that when you have finished using something you put it back where you got it. Also, you will want to schedule time in your garage on a weekly basis to pick up and tidy to make sure that new items that are added to the garage have a place. By taking some time to purge and organize the items in your garage and maintaining that organization once you have it will work wonders in clearing the clutter and keeping it gone for years to come.

Seattle Garage Doors | Garage Door Windows: PRO or CON?

Have you been contemplating whether or not to add windows to your garage door? If so there are few pros and con’s to keep in mind when making a final decision.

Garage Door Windows

You must consider what purpose you want the window inserts to serve in your space, decorative or functional. Inserts can change the plain old look of your garage door by adding an extra element of decoration. They also brighten up the garage with natural light. People who use their garage as a playroom or workspace usually chose a functional window insert.


One way to spruce up an old, dreary garage door is to add windows or window inserts, if it’s a panel garage door. Garage door windows allow for natural light to enter the room, which can help save money on the electric bill. Windows also enhance the curb appeal of the entire home.

There are different types of window glasses that can be used such as plexiglass, obscure glass, plain glass, translucent glass designs, and insulated glass that regulates the temperature in the garage.

Decorative window inserts make your garage door look more fancy and are a quick and inexpensive face-lift for a garage door, saving you money on having to buy a whole new door.


Windows may also be a potential security risk. If you can see out, then someone can see in. If you have expensive equipment and belonging in your garage you may want to think abut using frosted or stained glass windows, which will give you privacy and make it harder for thieves to look in. Windows and inserts need to be secure and professionally installed to prevent burglars from trying to break in.

Garage Door Window Safety

Over time, sun damage can affect the inserts, causing them to warp or even change color. Therefore, replacement time and expenses would have to be addressed that may end up costing you more in the long run. Also, having garage door windows can cause your energy bill to increase; as glass is not very good heat insulators because glass surfaces lose heat energy more quickly then insulated metal or wood. Often these garage door windows are above normal height to be functional the same way most windows are. Instead they are a decorative feature. So opening them up for fresh air is not likely.  The location of the home is also something to be considered when thinking of buying windows for the garage or not.  Someone living in a cooler climate that wants to allow natural light into their garage can use insulated glass window inserts. Where as a home in a warmer climate may be sufficient with clear glass inserts, which still lets the light in.

Seattle Garage Doors | Our Hours

We don’t have an “Hours of Operation” sign on our office door, but if we did, it would read something like this:  Always.

That’s right!  We’re always open for you!  Guess which garage door repair company was open on Christmas?  That’s right.  Us!  Guess which garage door company was open on New Year’s?  If you guessed Seattle Garage Doors, you’d be right!

The point is, we’re open 24 / 7 / 365, all in an effort to ensure that your garage door is always operating properly, and so that you can always get a fix when you need it!

So. . .  Now you know never to ask if we’re open when you call us!

Seattle Garage Doors | (800) 347 – 0182 | Winterproof your garage door

Ohhhh it is cold outside. That is why it is so important to make sure you do everything you can to keep the heat inside your home and garage. If you don’t have an insulated garage door you could be letting all that warm air out and all the cold air in. That cold air will go from your garage into you home.

We know the holiday’s can be a challenging time to focus on home repairs and services, but we highly recommend having your garage door insulated as soon as possible. We can even come out the very same day you call to insulate the door.

Seattle Garage Doors | (800) 347 – 0182 | Residential or Commercial Garage Door

Do you run a business that requires a garage door?  The size of the garage, the amount of garage doors needed, and the functionality of the garage door will all be factors in determining if you should install a regular residential garage door of if you need a heavier duty commercial garage door.

The main difference between the two types of garage doors is how sturdy they are. A commercial garage door is built to handle a lot of use and abuse; but the residential garage door, although still sturdy, is not intended to be opened and closed over and over throughout the day. In a lot of cases a commercial garage door will also be quite a bit larger than the traditional residential garage door.

If you need help in figuring out the right garage door for your business, call Seattle Garage Doors and we will get someone to you same day!

Seattle Garage Doors | (800) 347 – 0182 | Why won’t my garage door open?

This can be one of the most frustrating things a homeowner can experience. The garage door should open when you need to get your car in or out , so when it doesn’t you can feel trapped. There are a lot of different reasons the garage door might not open. One of which might be that you have the “vacation” switch turned on. This switch makes it so that the door will not open with the remote, you actually have to press the button on the wall of the house.  You may have accidentally hit the switch at some point. Another reason may be that your remote batteries are dead.

If you can’t figure out why your garage door won’t open then you should call Seattle Garage Doors to come out and take a look!

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