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Cleaning the Floor of your Garage

When most people think about cleaning their garage, they think about some of the more obvious tasks:  They clean up any cobwebs that may be strewn about; they organize all of the boxes that are already stacked about; they put loose items in boxes to be stored for now.  All of these things are important, of course, but how often do you look down and think to clean the floor of your garage.  Probably not often, but you definitely should.

Benefits of cleaning your garage’s floor

That giant slab of concrete that your garage calls a floor needs to be kept clean for a variety of reasons:

  1. It will end up going longer without cracks and breaks, which saves you money on repairs and helps maintain your home’s value.
  2. It will be safer if you have pets, as you don’t have to worry about them getting into grimes and chemicals when they’re in the garage.
  3. It will appear nicer, as a clean floor has a dramatic effect on the look of your garage.

How do I clean my garage’s floor?

There are a few different ways you can go about doing this.  The first step, regardless of how you go about it, is to sweep or vaccuum all of the loose stuff that is littered all over the floor.  From there, you have a few different options:  You can invest in a degreaser / cleaner, and either mop or hand scrub the floor with it.  This is a very cost effective option that can be very effective at cleaning the floor of your garage.  The other option is to rent or buy a pressure washer.  You can save money with cold water pressure washer, but a hot water pressure washer will do a much better job in cleaning and degreasing.  (Note:  Depending on where you live, you may not be able to use chemicals with your pressure washer as they aren’t allowed to drain in the street.  Lookup laws specific to your city before doing this.)

Whichever method you choose, you’ll be making a smart choice!

Think of your garage door like a car

Do you think of your garage door like a car?  Let’s take this a step further, actually.  Do you think of your garage door at all?  If you’re like most people out there, you likely don’t, but you really should.  Although you aren’t making monthly payments on your garage door, and you don’t roll up to fancy restaurants in your garage door, it’s still an important piece of machinery that demands your respect.  Here are a few ways that your garage door is like a car:

  • It adds value to your life.  While a car holds on to a certain amount of resale value for you, your garage door adds to the value of your home.  In a similar vein, cars can be status symbols, and a modern style garage door can be a sort of status symbol for you in your neighborhood.
  • It is a symbol of security.  Your car is a safe place for you to go when you’re feeling threatened or unsure about things, whether you’re in the forest, or if you’re in a scary area.  Your garage door provides a level of security for you, your possessions, and whomever is living in your home.
  • It is a machine that needs tending.  Your garage door is a machine just as your car is a machine, and machines need to be maintained on a regular basis to make sure that they’re always in good operating order.

So if you think of your garage door like a car, how should you treat your garage door?  Like a car.  That means keeping up on regular maintenance and tests, as well as not skimping when it comes to repairs–  You should also only choose highly qualified technicians to take care of it, just as you would want a highly qualified mechanic to take care of your car.

Seattle Garage Doors | Stay Safe

Lately we’ve been seeing more and more articles being posted in the news about people breaking into cars. You might think they are breaking into the car to steal the car but a lot of the time they are actually breaking in to steal your garage door remote so that they can later break into your home.

This is why it is so important to keep yourself safe. The best thing to do is always keep your garage door opener out of site in your car if you leave it in your car. You should always park your car inside your garage and make sure that you close the garage door behind you, even if you are only running into your house quickly. The best thing to do is to get a keychain opener that you will just have attached to your keys so it isn’t left in your car at all.

It is scary to think that people would actually be so invasive, but it is a reality we need to be aware of and take action to protect ourselves. Seattle garage Doors can certainly make recommendations of places to turn your garage door opener into a keychain. It might seem like a small thing but it can save you from having someone have access to your home and everything inside of it.

Seattle Garage Doors | Different Garage Door Ideas

When most people think of their garage, they think of where they keep their car.  Others think of their storage unit that just happens to be attached to their home, and is unbelievably convenient to get to.

Garage Door Storage

Others don’t know what to do. . .  But here we’ll explore a few different ideas for things that you can do for your garage door, starting with the most obvious, and moving on to the more creative:

  1. Strictly car storage–  The most classic purpose of your garage, this is where you store cars in your garage (duh).  This is kind of the default option.
  2. Storage space–  For those that have a lot of stuff they need to put in storage, the garage can work wonderfully as a storage unit.  There are many ways to store items, such as stacked boxes, and even overhead storage options.
  3. Guest house–  If your garage is properly insulated, you always have the option of turning your garage into a sort of guest house; or if not a guest house, at least another bedroom for your family or friends.  If your garage isn’t properly insulated, you should seriously consider insulating it, not just for this option in a garage conversion, but also because it has a dramatic effect on other aspects of your home. We’ve written about this in the past.
  4. Recreational Room–  This option is a bit more creative, and is a favorite among many men that enjoy hobbies, or don’t have an area of the home devoted to them.  This is a great place for a pool table, pinball machines, and other things. . .  What we’re talking about is the sort of “man cave” that many men wish they could have.  In my man cave, I have a pretty awesome lineup of 90s Williams and Bally pinball machines, with a Gottlieb as well (Surf ‘n Safari).

Seattle Garage Doors | Is it time to break up with your garage door?

Have you had the same garage door for over 10 years? If you are thinking “why yes, I have had this door for over 10 years” then you should definitely consider an upgrade. We know it can be hard to break up with your faithful garage door. It has listened to your every command to lift and lower for so many years and hasn’t given you any problems. So you are probably wondering why you would ever need to part with it. The truth is that garage door manufacturers make huge advancements in technologies.

Most of these advancements are in regards to safety and that is something you never want to mess around with. You always want to make sure to keep up to date on garage door safety. So, even if your garage door seems to be working just fine you should certainly consider having some regular maintenance done to make sure all the nuts and bolts are properly working.

Never let a broken garage door get you down, always have maintenance checks done every six months!

Seattle Garage Doors | Dangers of an outdated garage door

Garage doors, just like anything else, are prone to be either current, and outdated.  While it isn’t something like a computer that is typically outdated within a few months of purchase, it’s still entirely possible that you have an outdated garage door.  Let’s start with the most obvious sign that you have an outdated garage door:

Tilt style garage door

If your garage door is a single slab of material, a “tilt style” garage door, they you have an outdated garage door; and specifically, this is the style of outdated garage door that we’re going to talk about here.

Dangers of a tilt style garage door

There are a lot of issues when it come to the outdated, obsolete, tilt style garage door.  To start, because this style of garage door doesn’t simply roll up, it needs a lot more space in front of itself to operate.  This has a lot of implications for the safety of you and your possessions:

  • Cars parked too closely to the garage door when it opens are at risk of having a large mass swing right into it.
  • People standing too close the garage door when it opens are at risk of having a garage door open right into them, which is very dangerous.
  • People standing or moving around in the garage when the garage door closes are at risk of having their life put on the line.
  • Objects stored in the garage are also at risk.

Solutions for increasing safety around your garage door

The most obvious solution is the best solution–  By replacing your tilt style garage door with a more modern, tilt style garage door, you can negate the risks associated with the operation of your garage door.  Any garage door company can help you make the decision that’s best for you, and can help you choose a style that will best suit your home, as well!

Seattle Garage Doors | Animal Safety with Your Garage Door

We all think about keeping our animals safe at all times, but when was the last time you thought about keeping them away from the garage door while it was moving up or down? Most people don’t think twice about their animal greeting them when they open the garage door, but this can be very dangerous. If something was to go wrong with your garage door and it suddenly fell it could be deadly for your animal. It is extremely important to keep both kids and animals away from a moving garage door. The garage door should be respected as a huge piece of equipment that if not treated with respect can cause a lot of problems. If you run into any issues, let the experts here at Seattle Garage Doors help you!

Seattle Garage Doors | Don’t Wait!

If you have started noticing anything off with the way your garage door is working or sounding please call a technician right away. So many people don’t understand the danger that a mis-aligned or broken garage door spring can be. The garage door is a very heavy piece of equipment that can suddenly fall and it doesn’t care an iota who or what is underneath it at the time. That is why it is important to have someone who is trained and experienced there to check it out when it starts acting up.

A properly trained technician can quickly and easily assess what is going on with the door and what needs to be done to fix it in the most cost effective way. Never put your safety in harm; call a professional at Seattle Garage Doors!

Seattle Garage Doors | Valentine’s plans with your garage?

That special day is arriving, and if you don’t have plans with a loved one…we recommend spending some quality time with your garage. Take some time to clean it up, take some time to check all of the parts and make sure everything is working right. We too often forget to do routine maintenance and safety checks on our garage doors and then it can lead to huge problems later on down the line.

Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday this year, which means we know you can sneak in a little time to show your garage door some love. The door is a faithful servant, going up and down every time you request and it keeps your car and belongings safe from the world. So the least you can do it make sure it is working right.

Seattle Garage Doors | A Belt Drive is Best

If you are in the market to either upgrade or install a garage door then you might be wondering which type of opener is best for your needs. Nine times out of ten the best option is a belt drive. The belt drive opener is housed on the top of the garage ceiling in the middle. It uses a belt levy system to lift and lower the door. Belt drives are very quiet while operating making them ideal for most situations. They tend to be a bit more expensive than some of the other openers, but the quiet operation makes it entirely worth the extra cost. Seattle Garage Doors can certainly help with any garage door opener issues or installations!

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