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Seattle Garage Doors – (800) 347 – 0182 – How to cold proof your Garage Door

The cold weather offers unique challenges for any homeowner.  Nothing seems to work quite right in the cold, and the weather is really drab.

Luckily, we don’t have to deal with extreme climates or weather;  If snow was a normal occurrence, we would have many more issues to deal with when it comes to your garage door.  However, the cold winters that Seattle bring every year are capable enough on their own to wreak havoc on your garage door.  Here are a few helpful tips to help keep your garage door operating like it’s brand new.

First is something that you should do year round regardless of the weather.  Make sure that all of the moving parts on your garage door are properly lubricated.  All of the rollers and hinges should be heavily lubricated, and you can’t forget to lubricate the individual garage door sections to ensure they don’t stick together.  Door sections that don’t move freely can seriously damage, if not destroy both your garage door opener, and your garage door itself.  Of course, the cold weather should not be your only inspiration to lubricate all of the moving parts on your garage door.  You should do this year round as part of your monthly maintenance, something that we can definitely do for you.

Inspect the track for objects in the way of moving parts.  This is an obvious one, but you wouldn’t believe how many people have broken hinges, garage door springs, and other parts by not efficiently packing items in their garage.  All it take is one item in the way without your garage door’s reverse system working well for your garage door to break.

Now the last thing to do is is to use the garage door on a daily basis.  Even if you don’t go anywhere, open and close your garage door–  It’s kind of like getting up and walking around if you’re incredibly sedentary.  You’ve got to keep your joints moving and read to go, otherwise they’ll get stiff and your legs won’t operate properly.  Not unlike an old car that should be run once a week, you need to open and close your garage door to keep the legs of your garage door opener nice and limber.

And that’s it.  If you follow those easy steps, your garage door will last, even during the winter.

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