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Although garage door openers have become safer and safer over the years, garage-related accidents are still surprisingly common. It’s just that the source of the danger has shifted: Now garage doors are generally equipped with sensors and motion detectors that go a long way towards preventing accidents caused by the mechanism itself. Instead, the hazards are our own fault. The good news is that many of these garage-related safety hazards are easily preventable and easily fixed.

Many garages are cluttered and crammed with boxes and other items strewn against the walls and stacked precariously in corners, a common sight that is also a common contributor to garage accidents. Trips, falls, and stumbles are common garage accidents, and tripping on clutter is one of the most likely ways you’ll hurt yourself in the garage.

To save yourself from an unnecessary broken arm or twisted ankle, get to work getting rid of any piles on the floor. This may be overwhelming. Try starting with a small area of the garage and sorting through all the stuff, deciding what can stay, and what should be sold, trashed, or donated. Repeat this process in small, manageable chunks of the garage and you should have it sorted and somewhat clutter-free in no time. (But if it’s all just too much for you, professional organizers can swoop in and save the day.)

Once the piles have been removed, it’s time to turn your attention to the floor. Slipping on a wet surface is another commonly reported garage-related accident. If you have any slippery grease stains, use a degreasing product to get rid of them. To prevent future slip hazards, consider treating your garage floor with a special kind of epoxy-based paint. An epoxy floor is a popular choice for garage floors because it’s easy to install, easy to clean, and repels oil.

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