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Seattle Garage Doors | Dangers of an outdated garage door

Garage doors, just like anything else, are prone to be either current, and outdated.  While it isn’t something like a computer that is typically outdated within a few months of purchase, it’s still entirely possible that you have an outdated garage door.  Let’s start with the most obvious sign that you have an outdated garage door:

Tilt style garage door

If your garage door is a single slab of material, a “tilt style” garage door, they you have an outdated garage door; and specifically, this is the style of outdated garage door that we’re going to talk about here.

Dangers of a tilt style garage door

There are a lot of issues when it come to the outdated, obsolete, tilt style garage door.  To start, because this style of garage door doesn’t simply roll up, it needs a lot more space in front of itself to operate.  This has a lot of implications for the safety of you and your possessions:

  • Cars parked too closely to the garage door when it opens are at risk of having a large mass swing right into it.
  • People standing too close the garage door when it opens are at risk of having a garage door open right into them, which is very dangerous.
  • People standing or moving around in the garage when the garage door closes are at risk of having their life put on the line.
  • Objects stored in the garage are also at risk.

Solutions for increasing safety around your garage door

The most obvious solution is the best solution–  By replacing your tilt style garage door with a more modern, tilt style garage door, you can negate the risks associated with the operation of your garage door.  Any garage door company can help you make the decision that’s best for you, and can help you choose a style that will best suit your home, as well!

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