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Comparing Belt Drive and Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers are an important part of the entire garage door system; they act as the brain and actually do the heavy lifting when you need to operate your garage door.  (Sidebar:  Unless you’re living in the Flintstone’s era and still operate your garage door manually, in which case, that’s the subject of an entirely different blog.)

There are many different types of garage door openers, all of which have their advantages and their drawbacks.  In the recent past, we’ve written specifically about belt drive garage door openers, but let’s compare this style to the chain drive opener, which is a much less sophisticated model–  In fact, chain drive garage door openers are kind of regarded as the entry level workhorse that you eventually graduate from.

So how do they stack up?  Let’s rate them on a few different metrics:

Noise Level While Opening

Chain drive garage door openers make more noise than any other style of opener; however, this is an area where belt drive openers differ greatly.  Belt drive motors are a lot quieter, leading to a much less annoying experience every time it operates.


While no style of opener is really unreliable, there are some models that are more reliable than others.  While chain drive garage door openers are excellent at what they do, and are plenty reliable, it can easily be said that a belt drive is on par with it, or maybe even slightly more reliable.  This can lead to cost savings when it comes to maintenance, repair, and upkeep of your entire garage door system–  All through the choice of garage door opener.


Smoothness may sound a little silly, but it’s really important–  Not only does a smooth opening garage door seem more pleasant, but this means less stress on all of the different components of the garage door, which ultimately means less in repair and maintenance costs over time.

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