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Seattle Garage Doors | (800) 347 – 0182 | Why choose fibreglass garage door?

A garage door is an important part of a garage; a fiberglass garage door is very advantageous because, fiberglass garage doors are durable. Most garage doors structures are not normally insulated. If it lacks of insulation then it means that it is more vulnerable to heat and moisture. A wooden garage door is very vulnerable to this conditions it may crack, break and rot while, steel garage doors may rust you may put anti rust chemical to your metal garage door but it will rust again and eventually be damaged. While fiberglass garage door do not break, crack and rot or rust, this garage door is very durable, a fiberglass garage door is better than wooden garage door because wooden garage door need more maintenance. A fiberglass garage door like wooden garage door can be customized painted, stained, and finished darkened or lightened. These are the few reasons why you should choose fiberglass garage door.

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Seattle Garage Doors | (800) 347 – 0182 | Why choose fibreglass garage door?

Your garage door adds up to the impression your home exudes that is why considering the detail such as the color is important. Here are the top colors that would suit most garage doors.

  • Almond color

This can be either dark tan or light tan. Almond goes with anything but it requires repainting or maintenance now and then since this color can show dirt easily.

  • White color

White is a good choice for anything, however it needs regular maintenance and repainting for your garage door to look good as new and never a disability to your home.

  • Brown color

The color brown gives off a homey and comfortable feel, which is suitable for most traditional types of homes.

  • Hunter green color

This gives off a refreshing and young feel to your home. This is good to match with the color white.

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Seattle Garage Doors | (800) 347 – 0182 | Why choose fibreglass garage door?

Garage doors made from wood are usually the choice for individuals who love the beauty a natural wooden garage door since it  adds to the home’s curb appeal. Wood has this natural beauty which will always sit with any style. Wood is often preferred by most home owners since wood will always have that homey appearance plus wood can be carved with intricate designs that suit the owner’s home and style. Wood is also a good insulator and very sturdy at that. But wooden garage doors need a little more effort compared with the maintenance for other garage door materials such as steel and fiberglass because wood will easily absorb moisture. Proper maintenance is needed and of course the right type of wood is to be chosen.  All in all, a wooden garage door is a good choice especially if it is a residential garage door.

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Seattle Garage Doors | (800) 347 – 0182 | Why choose fibreglass garage door?

If you own a steel or aluminum garage door, then you can probably agree with me when I say that dents are very troublesome and quite an eyesore. Let’s face it, although these types of doors require low maintenance denting has always been a problem – especially when you have kids around playing catch with a baseball or a basketball. But worry not, dents are easier to fix than you thought.

To start fixing the dent, you will need: a lighter, an air duster, and aluminum foil.

  1. Cover the dent with aluminum foil; make sure to extend from the edges of the dented area so you can hold the edge of the foil, or tape it.
  2. Using your lighter, light a flame over the foil for 30 seconds while moving it back and forth over the dent.
  3. Remove the foil and quickly spray the air duster over the dent. Watch as the dent pops out and disappears – this is due the difference in the temperatures of the carbon dioxide and heat which makes the metal contract.
  4. Clean off the once dented area of your garage door to remove excess carbon dioxide.

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Seattle Garage Doors | (800) 347 – 0182 | Why choose fibreglass garage door?

If garage problems cannot be identified by you, please consult your manual or call a technician. However, there are many times when you have garage problems which actually you yourselves can fix. The following are the most common issues and solutions:

1 :The opener does not function using either a switch or a remote. The main power has maybe been interrupted. Ascertain that the opener cord is stuffed in

2: The door does not completely close. The close boundary switch needs adjustment. If not, check if the door is sticking when lifted and degraded manually

3: The door closes automatically after touching the floor. The close boundary switch might need adjustment

4: The door stops before touching the ground. The close power might need adjustment

5: The door does not fully open. The boundary switch probably needs to be geared toward the opener.

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Seattle Garage Doors | (800) 347 – 0182 | Why choose fibreglass garage door?

If you have an automatic garage door then you should consider switching to a belt drive opener if you don’t currently have one. A lot of older homes still have chain drive openers because of their affordability and ease of use, but chain drive openers are very loud as they operate. A belt drive opener operates in the exact same way as the chain drive but is unbelievably quite while it operates. This is a much better option for most homes that don’t want the whole household disturbed when the garage door opens or closes.

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Seattle Garage Doors | (800) 347 – 0182 | Why choose fibreglass garage door?

 Garage door fasteners are also known as garage door screws. Screws or fasteners are important parts of garage doors that use the screw drive opener mechanism. These are the different garage door fasteners or screws.

–       Hex nut

–       Hex k-lock nut

–       Hex flange nut

–       Hex bolt full thread

–       Carriage bolt round head square neck

–       Open eye bolt

–       Flat washer USS

–       Hex washer head lag screw full thread

–       Hex waher head lag screw painted red head

–       Hex washer head lag screw with high head

–       Track bolt, slotted rib neck

–       Hex washer head self drilling screw

–       Heavy duty super tek screw

–       Red head sek screw

–       Hex washer head self tapping screw, sheet metal screw serrated head

–       Red head set tapping screw

–       Flat head carriage bolt

–       S hook

–       Screw eye

–       Square head set screw

–       Small packaged fasteners

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Seattle Garage Doors | (800) 347 – 0182 | Why choose fibreglass garage door?

Garage doors with traditional styles are always classy. These doors add charm and value to your home. Traditional garage doors are a good choice for stylish homeowners who also love art and architecture placed on their home. Most traditional garage doors are made of wood. Wood is usually chosen for these types of garage doors since wood sets its compatibility with the traditional garage door’s design. But now, new traditional garage doors are made from different types of materials with dependability.

Most traditional garage doors are handcrafted and beautifully, intricately designed not only to enhance beautification of your home but to provide its main purpose, security.

There are different traditional garage door styles that may suit your tastes and compliment your home accordingly.  Spanish colonial garage door styles are one of those lavishly decorated garage doors that it is handcrafted. Forged garage door design is another style of garage door that brings you back to the 17th century and carriage garage door is a type that brings style and practicability into one.

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Seattle Garage Doors | (800) 347 – 0182 | Why choose fibreglass garage door?

  • Sliding garage door

This type of traditional garage door is used by some because of its familiarity. It has a space saver quality that is convenient for homeowners; this is also good for commercial establishments too.


  • Folding garage door

Perfect for garage multi use, folding garage doors can operate with two doors or more. Bi- fold garage doors or folding garage doors with two doors are much better to operate than those with more doors.


  • Sectional garage door

This is the most common type of garage door since residents can manually open the door or use a garage door opener. This can be purchased at an affordable price with low maintenance required.


  • Swing style garage door

Resembling French doors, swing style garage doors are usually made of wood. They are good for residences with old fashioned styles since most swing style garage door designs complement them. Swing style garage doors can be very expensive.

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Seattle Garage Doors | (800) 347 – 0182 | Why choose fibreglass garage door?

A do it yourself repair saves a lot of money. But it is always safe to bear in mind that repairing garage door springs and other parts should be entrusted to the garage door experts. In preparation for fixing a garage door, the tools need to be prepared:

–       Cordless drill

–       Impact wrench

–       Two 2”x4” lumber

–       Two clamps with 6” jaws

–       Screwdrivers

–       Hammer

–       Sawhorses

–       Pliers

–       Padded

–       Ladder

–       Level

–       2” 6d galvanized finishing nails

–       Wide punched angle iron

–       ½ long 16d common nails

Moving or repairing the garage door springs is dangerous since the tension it stores is equal to the garage door’s weight which has caused cases of serious injuries and deaths of garage door owners with no expertise or knowledge about this. Last thing to remember is to make sure that your garage is well lit before having the repairman out to fix your door.

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