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Seattle Garage Doors | Wild Animals?

This is the season when wildlife is more apt to come down into residential areas looking for food. So if you leave your garage door open, even for just a few minutes, you might run into a wild animal coming in looking for food or water. This is especially the case when you keep your trash inside your garage. It is best to try and put as much food down the trash disposal as possible and wrap the rest of it up tightly before putting it in the trash. This will help keep the smell of food down and hopefully keep as many animals out as possible.

If you run into an issue with a wild animal in your garage and the door is closed try to open the garage door from inside the house and see if the animal will leave. If this doesn’t work call animal services right away, but don’t go into the garage with the animal and put yourself at risk. They may seem harmless but they are not domesticated so you can’t be sure how they will respond to you.

If the animal damages your garage door you will want to make sure you get it fixed as soon as possible to avoid any other animals gaining access to your garage.

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Seattle Garage Doors | Wild Animals?

Have you ever wanted to learn all there is to know about jackshaft garage door openers?  The answer to that:  Probably not.  Here’s the better question:  Do you know what a jackshaft garage door opener is, and how it can save your life?

Okay, so it won’t really save your life, but what it will do is add a lot of value to your life in many different ways.  Before we can really discuss how this opener will do that, it’s important to learn how it works.

Jackshaft Garage Door Openers – A simple description

These styles of openers are very different than the other styles–  While others utilize an overhead system with a track and springs to operate the garage door, the jackshaft opener mounts on the wall of the garage, near the top of the garage door, and through an ingenious system, operates the garage door from that position.  This means that there are a lot less moving parts, and not a whole lot is going on overhead in your garage.

That is the easiest explanation of this opener.  More to the point, though, what sort of benefits does this style of opener offer for you, the homeowner?

For starters, more space.  Because there are a lot less components to the garage door system, you don’t have as much room taken up by those parts–  That’s not just overhead, but even around the walls of your garage door.  This frees up a lot of space for you to do. . .  whatever you’d like with it.

On top of that, they’re decently reliable, and very cool looking.  You’ll have people wondering how you’ve employed magic in the use of your garage door.  A jackshaft opener installation is a service that all garage door companies can help you with, as well!

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Seattle Garage Doors | Wild Animals?

We know that we’ve covered the topic of garage door springs on our blog before, but it is a topic that bears more mention. Here at Seattle Garage Doors that is the main call we get, the springs aren’t working right. More often than not the springs start to sag when they lose tension and then you notice the door is lifting and lowering evenly, instead one side goes up or down faster than the other. This is definitely a sign of a loose spring and should not go unnoticed. If you see this happening you need to call a technician out right away to make sure that they get it fixed.

You might be wondering why it is so important to take care of this asap. The springs carry a lot of tension and the garage door is a very heavy piece of equipment, which means if the spring snaps suddenly with the door in motion the whole door can suddenly fall with all of that force behind it, which in worst case scenarios can cause casualties. It really is not something you should even consider putting off.

We always offer same day services and emergency repairs, so if you notice your door moving oddly please don’t wait give us a call. We don’t care if it is 2am we want to keep you and your family safe so we will get someone to you and we will replace those springs right away!

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Seattle Garage Doors | Wild Animals?

Are you interested in saving money?  Of course you are, because you are a savvy homeowner who is interested in doing what you can do to save money and get ahead in life.  What you might not know, though, is that there are a lot of simple things that you can do to help yourself save money related to your garage door.  Take the opener as an example–  Let’s say you want to save some money with that part of your garage door system; easy.  Choose an energy efficient opener.  That means each month you get to save money on your utility built.  You’re welcome.

Here’s another tip:  Keep up on the regular maintenance of your garage door, springs, and opener.  How does that save you money?  Easy.  It means that your garage door will break down less frequently, and could also mean that when it does break down, it will be simple, less expensive repairs.  Sure, you have to spend a little money on the maintenance in the meantime, but in the long run, you’ll be doing better.  You’re welcome.

Here’s another one–  Take care of bulk pricing on springs when replacing them.  Buying them in pairs saves you boat loads of money when you need them replaced, so why not take advantage of that?  You’re welcome.

Here’s one last money saving tip for you–  Replace your tilt style opener with a sectional garage door.  There’s an investment up front, but this means less money on electricity bills (since you can get a cheaper / more energy efficient opener), but also, this means that it’s cheaper / easier to perform a section replacement should one part of your garage door break or become destroyed.  You’re welcome.

As you can see, there are plenty of garage door money saving tips for you to take advantage of.

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Seattle Garage Doors | Wild Animals?

If you have ever purchased a home or sold one then you know exactly how important curb appeal can be for the value of the home. It can be an incredible turn off to pull up to a house and see a bad lawn or a broken down garage door. In fact, if the garage door is old or broken everything else about the exterior of the home can be great and people will still get a less than stellar impression.

There are so many options nowadays to have a garage door that not only looks new and works well but that actually compliments the rest of the house and actually makes a statement all on its own. We can find a door that is similar in style to your home, we can paint it to match, and we can add accessories. They have done some studies that claim that a new garage door can increase home value by up to 4%. That is a decent amount when you are talking the overall value!

Even if you are looking to sell your home it can be nice to upgrade the door just for your own pleasure. It will make your home stand out in the neighborhood and it will be something pleasant to look at every time you drive up, not to mention you will know it is working well and will for years to come because it is new!

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Seattle Garage Doors | Wild Animals?

When you call a garage door company that you’ve never been in touch with before, it can be a confusing, frustrating, or even nerve wracking experience.  Here, you’re calling a company to come out and perform some sort of maintenance / service–  It could be cheap, or it could be expensive; it could be a quick one, or a long one; it could have serious implications for the safety of your family, or it could not; it could have serious implications for the safety of your belongings, or it could not.

A lot goes into each call to a garage door company, so how do you really find out if one is right for you?  What sets us all apart?

What sets Seattle Garage Doors apart from other garage door companies:

We have done a lot to make sure that we aren’t just some other garage door company–  That’s not who we are, nor is it who we want to be, so here are just a couple of the ways that we’ve done this:

  • Same day service is something that sets us apart–  We strive to make it to all of our customers the same day they call us (if that’s what they want), because we are very respectful of your time and your needs.
  • Satisfaction guarantee offered with ever service–  We want you to trust that we’re going to do the best work possible for you every time we come out, and so we offer a satisfaction guarantee to help instill that trust in us.
  • Super fast response times are another way we set ourselves apart, because you shouldn’t have to wait until the evening to get someone when you call in the morning.  Of course, this is dependent on call volume, but we try to make it out within the hour whenever possible.
  • Service for your 24 hours a day, every day, because who knows when your garage door is going to decide to break.

Need we say more?  We could, but this is a start.

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Seattle Garage Doors | Wild Animals?

With summer here and temperatures rising daily it is the perfect time to upgrade or do some maintenance on your garage door. When the temperature changes it can definitely affect the way your door is working and all of the parts that need to be in good working order for the door to properly open and close.

Summer is also the time when kids are going to be out and about playing around. Even though we say you should have (and perhaps you do) strict rules for your kids not to play on or around the garage door we all know that they still will when you aren’t around. That is the most important reason to have your garage door up to date on all safety checks. All of the main garage door manufacturers make vast improvements on their safety mechanisms every 5-10 years. So, if your door hasn’t been replaced in that time frame then it is even more important to have regular safety checks done on the door.

When you have someone check the door they will go over an entire 29 point checklist to make sure they don’t miss any part. It is very thorough and will help you know exactly what state your garage door is in and if there are any potential issues. It is really worth the money and time to keep you and your family safe.

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Seattle Garage Doors | Wild Animals?

Garage door openers are an important part of the entire garage door system; they act as the brain and actually do the heavy lifting when you need to operate your garage door.  (Sidebar:  Unless you’re living in the Flintstone’s era and still operate your garage door manually, in which case, that’s the subject of an entirely different blog.)

There are many different types of garage door openers, all of which have their advantages and their drawbacks.  In the recent past, we’ve written specifically about belt drive garage door openers, but let’s compare this style to the chain drive opener, which is a much less sophisticated model–  In fact, chain drive garage door openers are kind of regarded as the entry level workhorse that you eventually graduate from.

So how do they stack up?  Let’s rate them on a few different metrics:

Noise Level While Opening

Chain drive garage door openers make more noise than any other style of opener; however, this is an area where belt drive openers differ greatly.  Belt drive motors are a lot quieter, leading to a much less annoying experience every time it operates.


While no style of opener is really unreliable, there are some models that are more reliable than others.  While chain drive garage door openers are excellent at what they do, and are plenty reliable, it can easily be said that a belt drive is on par with it, or maybe even slightly more reliable.  This can lead to cost savings when it comes to maintenance, repair, and upkeep of your entire garage door system–  All through the choice of garage door opener.


Smoothness may sound a little silly, but it’s really important–  Not only does a smooth opening garage door seem more pleasant, but this means less stress on all of the different components of the garage door, which ultimately means less in repair and maintenance costs over time.

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Seattle Garage Doors | Wild Animals?

Modern garage doors are magnificent creatures–  Wait a minute. . .  They’re not creatures at all.  They’re magnificent marvels of modern engineering, and they do a fantastic job at what they do.  They’ve come a long way since their inception and widespread adoption, which means quite a few different things for you:  Newer components, better technology, and newer materials.

Of course, for those that have been clinging on to their old garage doors for whatever reason (maybe they’re sentimental), they’re living with what is likely a wooden garage door that is a nightmare for most homeowners on many levels.  Allow us to help you understand why you should no longer have a wooden garage door:

  1. Termites and other pests.  This seems pretty obvious, but most people don’t realize that wood-boring pests are a serious issue for wooden garage doors; of course, these sorts of things aren’t issues when you consider that a more modern garage door is going to be made of sturdier materials that these pests can’t eat–   Reason #1 to upgrade your garage door.
  2. Weatherproofing.  Wooden garage doors just don’t stand up against the other styles when it comes to weatherproofing and standing up the elements.  Rather than have a garage door that is deteriorating, why not have a garage door resistant to deterioration?
  3. Less strain on your opener.  Wooden garage doors are heavy, and can be even heavier when they absorb moisture from the atmosphere / weather.  All of this means a lot of unnecessary strain on your poor garage door opener, which is not going to handle it well in the long run.  This isn’t an issue when you have a modern garage door made of space age materials.
  4. More value for your home.  Let’s face it:  Wooden garage doors look old, and they make your home look old.  Why not replace that ratty old door with a brand new one to make your home pop?

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Seattle Garage Doors | Wild Animals?

A while back, we wrote a blog post about how we felt that belt drive garage door openers are the best.  While that particular post was very accurate in it’s listing of advantages of belt drive garage door openers, we can’t help but feel that we missed the mark a little in determine which style of garage door opener is truly the best.

And that’s why we’ve revised our stance, and are now advocating the screw drive garage door opener as the hands down, undisputed, undefeated heavy weight champion of the garage door opener world!  Now, I know this might seem a little confusing, but allow us to elucidate on the benefits of the screw drive garage door opener for a moment:

Screw drive garage door openers operate on a very simple system–  A long screw shaft acts as the go between for the opener’s motor and the garage door itself; this is in contrast the belt drive opener, which uses a belt system.

Why is this important?  Because that’s how the screw drive opener ends up being more reliable than the other options; there’s less that can go wrong with the drive system, and a solid piece of metal is going to be very durable in the long haul.  On top of that, there are less components that need adjusting.  All of this means that, over the life of your garage door opener, you’ll save a lot of money and headaches.

On top of that, screw drive openers tend to create a lot less noise, and are generally regarded a very wise investment when you look at the opener in the context of your home’s value.

All of this, and the fact that they’re safe and operate quicker, means that they win out over their belt drive counterparts.

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