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A screw drive garage door opener is best!

A while back, we wrote a blog post about how we felt that belt drive garage door openers are the best.  While that particular post was very accurate in it’s listing of advantages of belt drive garage door openers, we can’t help but feel that we missed the mark a little in determine which style of garage door opener is truly the best.

And that’s why we’ve revised our stance, and are now advocating the screw drive garage door opener as the hands down, undisputed, undefeated heavy weight champion of the garage door opener world!  Now, I know this might seem a little confusing, but allow us to elucidate on the benefits of the screw drive garage door opener for a moment:

Screw drive garage door openers operate on a very simple system–  A long screw shaft acts as the go between for the opener’s motor and the garage door itself; this is in contrast the belt drive opener, which uses a belt system.

Why is this important?  Because that’s how the screw drive opener ends up being more reliable than the other options; there’s less that can go wrong with the drive system, and a solid piece of metal is going to be very durable in the long haul.  On top of that, there are less components that need adjusting.  All of this means that, over the life of your garage door opener, you’ll save a lot of money and headaches.

On top of that, screw drive openers tend to create a lot less noise, and are generally regarded a very wise investment when you look at the opener in the context of your home’s value.

All of this, and the fact that they’re safe and operate quicker, means that they win out over their belt drive counterparts.

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