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Spanaway, WA is the original "gateway" to Mount Rainier, with that much history why would you possibly want to sit around repairing things in your house like your garage door on your days off? There are so many more interesting things to do out in nature! So, instead of fretting about your garage door issues, call Spanaway Garage Doors to come do an inspection. Our technicians can easily identify any issues you might be having and then fix them in a jiffy. Does your beautiful home in Spanaway need very importante garage door service ? Spanaway Garage Doors can fix your garage door, and more!

Spanaway Garage Doors

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You can think of Spanaway Garage Door for more than just repairs for your garage door. While we do specialize in garage door repairs and maintenance, we also offer a wide range of installations. We can install open indication monitors in your home; We can replace your garage door with a more attractive overhead door to boost the property value of your home; We can replace your garage door opener garage door opener with a much more quiet, or more efficient garage door opener from any number of manufacturers, like Genie, Liftmaster, and others.

  • Alice In Chains Guitarist Jerry Cantrell called Spanaway, WA home.
  • UFC Fighter Rick Story called Spanaway, WA home.
  • Spanaway held the record for a high altitude landing when Lt. John W. Hodgkin flew a private aircraft to the top of Mount Rainier.
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    Did you know that the modern remote-controlled garage door was invented by two brothers in Spokane, Washington, almost a hundred years ago? The state of Washington has always been the nation’s leader in garage door technology and garage door safety. No one knows that better than Spanaway Garage Door Openers, a locally-owned garage door opener company that has been at the forefront of the new technology. Since 1994, Spanaway Garage Door Openers has installed, adjusted and repaired more garage door openers than anyone else in the business. It’s probably because we starting offering top-of-the-line safety sensors years before they were mandated by federal law.

    Let’s face it, all garage door safety features are governed by your garage door opener. Even if you don’t have one of the new “smart” garage door openers that connect to the internet, your opener is pretty darn intelligent.

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    All of our services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, to make sure the job is done correctly and to keep you coming back. We also understand that you don't want to waste a single minute or penny more than is necessary when dealing with it. Spanaway Garage Doors has locations all over Washington ready to provide the best garage doors services at very low prices.

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