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Do you have an old home? It goes without saying that an old home is going to come with an old garage door- One that may be outdated when it comes to the latest in garage door parts and safety systems. Seattle Garage Door Springs is prepared to help you fix any broken garage door parts you may have. Making sure all of your garage door parts are in working order if imperative to the safety of your family.

Garage Door Spring Replacement SeattleWe offer professional installation of a lot of important garage door parts and systems. If you need additional wireless remotes for your garage door opener, we can help you with that; if the photoelectric eyes that help keep your garage door from turning into a death trap need maintenance or replacement, we can handle that for you too! We are ready to assist with any garage door service or garage door repair you may need. Fixing your garage door and all its parts can be a daunting task, let Seattle Garage Door Springs do it for you.

One of the most important parts of your garage door are the garage door springs. Rarely do people realize how important the springs are in keeping your garage door running properly. The springs are the part of the door that help balance the weight of the garage as it opens and closes. They have to balance a lot of weight, and because of this the springs can get worn out or stretched. It is important not to try and fix your garage door springs on your own, doing it wrong can be potentially fatal, make sure to call Seattle Garage Door Springs to come out and fix the springs for you.

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Our garage door parts and services include:

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Wireless Remotes

At any point have you wanted the ease of use of a remote to do more than just operate your television and garage door? Well, now you can do more, with Seattle Garage Door Springs- We can install wireless remote conversions to operate not only your garage door and lights, but other items within your home as well. Seattle Garage Door Springs believes that your garage door should work efficiently and a wireless remote can certainly help with that.

External Entrapment Systems

While it is difficult to say that there is a "most important" component of your garage door system, there are a few parts that need extra attention-- One of these is your External Entrapment System, which keeps your garage door from closing when someone is in the way, or gets in the way. Over time, these sensors will become damaged or worn, which could make your home very unsafe, especially if you have children or pets. Let us come out and make sure all the parts of your garage door are working correctly.

Photoelectric Eyes

Seattle Garage Door SpringsAre the photoelectric eyes in your garage door system properly clean and calibrated? If not, your garage door may be in desperate need of some photoeye maintenance, as this is what keeps your garage door safe-- The photoeyes tell the system that something is in the path of the garage door, and that it should reverse course. There are many parts to the photoelectric eyes and garage door, don't guess if yours are working right, call us out today.

Open Indication Monitors

Seattle Garage Door Springs

Have you ever finished up working in your garage and gone inside, only to realize hours later that you left your garage door wide open to the entire world? Luckily, for those who have made this mistake, Seattle Garage Door Springs can install a monitor anywhere in your home that will inform you of the status of your garage door. You will never have to worry about your garage door being left open and risking the safety of your cars and home. We will fix any and all problems of your open indication monitors.

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All of our services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, to make sure the job is done correctly and to keep you coming back. We also understand that you don't want to waste a single minute or penny more than is necessary when dealing with it. Seattle Garage Door Springs has locations all over Washington ready to provide the best garage doors services at very low prices.

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