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Droughts in the west, tornadoes on the beach, snow in summer, monsoons in July, and melting polar ice caps: all are big indicators that the choices in your day to day life can have big consequences for the planet. Making your life overall more environmentally friendly isn’t necessarily as daunting as it seems. Starting small, you can transform your home into a bastion of green, and you can start with your garage door by getting an eco friendly garage door.

Unfortunately, many homeowners aren’t sure how to find an eco friendly garage door. They may have bought their current garage door so many years ago that global warming was still a twinkle in the eye of Al Gore. They may have inherited a wood door from their Baby Boomer grandparents or a fiberglass door from their rich uncle with the fishing boat to match. Or maybe they know exactly how to find an eco friendly garage door, but they aren’t sure what to do with the old one.

As with any purchase, you can’t get away with not doing extensive research to explore all of your options and price points well beforehand. Shop around. The internet is great for this. Most or all garage door manufacturers list the details and features of their garage doors, including the eco friendly ones, along with instructions on where and how to purchase one. Which garage door manufacturer you choose will be largely dependent on your location and your own personal preferences. Remember: there are hundreds of combinations of garage door features, including colors, materials, security features, and other add ons, even when your garage door is the green kind.

When you’ve found the eco friendly garage door of your choosing, it’s time to decide what to do with the old door. If you care about having a door that is green — made from recycled materials, better suited for insulation, for example — you should also care that your old garage door is disposed of in a green manner. Some green manufacturers include in their service that the old door will be uninstalled and recycled. Some other manufacturers, however, will offer to get rid of the old garage door for you, but they wind up dropping it in a landfill.

Turn Your Garage Into Valentine’s Room

Are you trying to think of things to do for your significant other for the big day? One thing to think about is the idea to turn your garage into a Valentine’s room! You might not be sure what that means. It means that you set up a table with some candles and you have music playing and you eat dinner in the garage, just the two of you.

The reason we love this idea soooo much is because it is not typical, it provides a great atmosphere because it will be really dark in there with no lights on just the candles burning, and your loved one will never suspect is so it will actually be a surprise for them!

There are so many other things you can do. You can put a rug in there to sit on the floor, you can have an area for dancing, and you can even set up a chocolate fondue fountain so you can dip fruit and sweets in there! We would love to know the creative ways you’ve transformed your garage to be a special place!


“We have to be careful.” Lisa asked that her last name be omitted. Lisa asked that her exact location be withheld. She asked that the ordeal be stricken from the record, from her memoRY, itself still haunted by the image of a stranger who had snuck up behind her, unannounced. “We have to be careful,” Lisa said. “The garage door was open, maybe, 30 seconds.”

Thirty seconds between the moment that her car pulled into the garage, recently cleaned and organized, the boxes stacked high, freshly labeled and color coded. Thirty seconds between the moment that she turned the key in the ignition, pulled it out, opened the door. She was two feet from the door that lead to her home, the garage door opener button was within reach. The garage door was open for thirty seconds. Long enough for an intruder to enter her garage and stand silently, waiting, hoping she would go inside without noticing his presence, leaving him alone with all of her belongings.

But Lisa turned her head. She had sensed the strange man before she saw him. It’s probably nothing, she was reassuring herself as she turned, the thought passing through her mind even as her eyes took in his looming frame, his unmoving silhouette. “I turn around and there is a 6-foot, 2-inch guy standing there and it scared me,” she later told police. In the moment, she froze, her posture mirroring his. They both stood still as statues, staring at each other, until the man turned and ran away. Lisa watched him as he jogged to the end of her driveway without particular urgency, as casually as a neighbor who had just stopped by. At the end of her driveway, he disappeared into the darkness. Lisa shook herself. She closed the garage door.

New Year New Garage Door

With a fresh year just beginning it might be a good time to consider getting a new garage door. We say “new year new garage door.” We realize that not everyone will be in need of a new garage door, if you just got one installed or have one that is in great working condition then this blog is not for you! If, on the other hand, your garage door isn’t working right or is really old then we can help!

Your garage door takes up a huge portion of your home from an outside perspective. That means that as people drive by or walk by they will more than likely notice the garage before anything else. So, if the garage is looking shabby it might make them think the rest of the house isn’t very nice either. This can be a huge problem if you are trying to sell your home. It can also be a problem if your neighbors all complain about your house because it makes the entire neighborhood value go down by association.

So, now that things are getting back into the normal swing of things it might be a good time to consider upgrading your garage door or at least getting one that works better and looks nicer. It will cost you a bit of money but will save you in the long run because you won’t have to pay for repair after repair as the old one breaks down. If you aren’t sure if you need a new garage door or just a fix up of your current one give us a call and we can help you decide!


Tragedy truck two St. Petersburg, Florida families this week after two teens were trapped inside of a residential garage, local news outlets are reporting. Local police are reporting that the teenage couple died of carbon monoxide poisoning while they say inside of a family SUV. Although the interior garage door was locked and the automatic garage door was closed, investigators are saying that the deaths do not appear to be suicides, despite the tragic overtones reminiscent of a certain Shakesperean romance.

It’s unclear what lead them to that resolute conclusion, but at least one news outlet reported that one teen was found slumped halfway out of one SUV window, as if he had lost consciousness in the middle of an attempted escape.

Police said 17-year-old Dorian Gomez Poehlmann left his mother’s home on Sunday afternoon to pick up his girlfriend, 14-year-old Emily Sabow in the Poehlmann’s 2002 Mitsubishi SUV. Eventually Poehlmann returned, his love sitting beside him in the passenger seat, and parked the SUV in the detached garage. No one knew they were there. At some point, the heavy garage door closed, leaving the teens trapped inside the unventilated garage. What the two of them did next–or why the garage door closed in the first place–is a mystery. Poehlmann’s mother called her son’s cell phone repeatedly, but he didn’t respond.

Somewhat distraught, she reported the children missing at approximately 11 p.m. local time Sunday. The families of both teens did attempt to access the garage as they searched, but no one was unable to pry the door open. It was not until Monday morning that Poehlmann’s mother finally located the young lovers, but by then it was too late to save them.

“It appears that this was a horrible tragedy that has clearly devastated both of these families,” said St. Petersburg Assistant Police Chief Jim Previtera. “Because of a garage door opener they couldn’t get the door up, but they didn’t believe the kids were there,” Previtera told Fox 13.

Settle Garage Doors | Emergency Service

Here at Seattle Garage Doors we understand that your garage door has a mind of its own. You can’t predict when the thing is going to decide to break down. There are certain things you can do to help it have a longer life such as: have regular maintenance checks done on the door, notice any strange noises it starts making and call someone out, keep the hinges lubricated, and if you notice the door moving in any way that does not seem right call a tech out right away. However, if you’ve done all of these things and the door still decides to break of its own free will then we will not punish you for having a bad garage door.

We want to remind you that we offer all of our services same day and we will never charge you extra for this even in an emergency situation. Our goal is to keep your garage door working and you safe and happy. So, even if your garage door breaks down on Christmas at 2am please don’t wait to call us. We would never want you to feel unsafe with having to leave your garage door open for anyone looking to break in. We will get someone out and the service will cost you the same amount as if you wait till the next day. Stay safe and call us!


Local detectives have yet to locate the perpetrator of a robbery and act of vandalism that occurred in Austin, Texas last week. According to the Austin Daily Herald, “The victim said sometime between Oct. 31 and Nov. 6, an unknown person kicked in the garage door, breaking the locks, and took a red and black Tool Shop compound miter saw valued at $150.” The only clue to the burglar’s identity was a muddy footprint left on the broken garage door last Friday.

Officers dispatched to the scene on the 900 block of First Avenue Northwest on November 6 expected a routine breaking and entering. What they encountered was much stranger, Police Chief Brian Krueger would later remark. The lone footprint on the garage door appeared to have been made by a loafer. Whether the loafer had been worn by a male or female was unclear.

Police surmised that the burglar kicked in the garage door in order to enter the garage. The burglar may have been familiar with the garage and its contents, either because he or she had previously cased the joint, or because he or she was acquainted with the victims. It’s possible that the burglar also knew the value of the stolen miter saw and intended to sell it. Whether the police have already checked with area pawn shops or scoured Craigslist listings was not made clear in the news report.

There are no suspects at this time, the paper reported, and officers are puzzled by the single footprint. Some have speculated that the burglars removed their shoes before entering the garage, so as not to leave tracks. Some speculated that the owner of the shoe donned one muddied loafer before kicking the garage door hard enough to break the locks, then switched back to trainers in order to baffle police. Whether the victims themselves have staged the whole thing in order to cash in on the miter saw insurance payout is a question hardly anyone is asking.

Seattle Garage Doors | Time for Thanks!

Today is one of the best days of the year. A day to take time away from the stress of life and be grateful for our friends and family. Thanksgiving is a beautiful celebration of gratitude. We want to say thank you for all of your loyal business. If it weren’t for you choosing us as your garage door company we wouldn’t have the opportunity to serve this great community. We never take that for granted and always aim to give the absolute best possible service on every repair.

We also want to remind you that we have technicians available all night tonight to help you if you run into any issues at all with your garage door. It doesn’t matter how late it is we will send someone out to help and we will do it for the exact same cost as any regular service. You shouldn’t have to worry about your garage door today! If you are in need of a garage door emergency we are here to help.


You may not think about it every day, but your garage door is probably an integral part of your life. As the gateway from your home’s comfy interior to the outside world, the garage door goes up and down thousands of times a year, generally without complaint. But all that hard work does take its toll, and it’s likely your garage door is in need of some TLC if regular maintenance and troubleshooting isn’t already a part of your home care routine.

To many homeowners, a functional garage door is a given. You touch a few buttons on a key pad or press down on your remote and up or down it goes without a hitch or hesitation. It’s easy to take a garage door for granted so long as it’s working. But what if your garage door is making unusual sounds or noises when it opens or closes? What if it suddenly opens or closes more slowly than usual? What if it suddenly won’t open at all? That’s when you know you have a problem.

Before you call in the garage door professionals, there may be some things you can do yourself to get your garage door back in working order. It may help to think of your garage door as a giant machine made of many moving parts. Each part is necessary and integral to your garage door’s functioning; if one part is out of commission, it affects the whole operation.

It’s important to inspect each component of your garage door during both regular maintenance and troubleshooting. It’s also important to take great care to lubricate any of the moving parts: hinges, roller, springs, bearings, and plates. Use a light, silicone-based oil to lubricate your door’s parts every six months, but don’t use petroleum because it can prevent the door from sticking to the ground if it’s ever below freezing.

Seattle Garage Doors | Halloween Time

Halloween is upon us, which is very exciting! But it also means we need to be very careful that night and try not to drive if possible. The roads will probably have a lot of kids running around and you may have drunk drivers on the road as well. With all of that being said we totally think you should decorate your garage for the festivities. There area a ton of decorations you can actually put on the garage door to spruce it up. We just want to emphasis here how important it is to make sure none of these decorations get in the way of the movement of the garage door, as this can cause problems that can damage or break the door.

We also think this is a great opportunity to have the safety features of the door checked out if you haven’t in the last six months. Halloween is the one night of the year that you can assume there will be a lot of people around your garage door, especially if you’ve decorated it and your home. So…it is really important that the garage door is working properly so you don’t run into any issues of it malfunctioning with someone or something underneath it or around it. So, give us a call and we’ll get someone out there to make sure everything is good before all the goblins come out!

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